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Manage your restaurant group in one place—no matter the size

Manage your restaurants, fill every seat, and integrate with your existing tools

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Centralise your
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Attract more diners
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Connect the dots
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Centralise your group management

Consolidate reservation and guest data all in one place for all of your restaurants.

  • Share guest data between locations
  • Book across all restaurants from a single screen
  • Identify key performance trends across locations
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Attract more diners

Reach the largest diner network with 31 million diners who book through our network each month.

  • Build robust restaurant profiles on OpenTable and make reservations easier on your own sites
  • Fill your slower shifts and incentivise guests to book during off peak times with marketing campaigns
  • See when your restaurants need diners most and track campaign results with robust reporting

Connect the dots between systems

Integrate OpenTable with the systems your business depends on.

  • Link reservations to revenue with POS integration at no additional cost
  • Manage branded bookings and content across your sites, social pages, apps and more
  • Centralise reservations with OpenTable’s booking API that connects in real time, to all of your locations’ availability

Find the plan that’s right for you

Basic features, with the added ability to maximise your seatings, automate table statusing, and more

All Basic and Core features, plus relationship management to help create regulars and drive loyalty

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Join the partner you need to get back in action and reconnect with guests

The largest, most valuable guest network
Connect to guests when you need them most, so you can maximise revenue and repeat business.

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A reliable all-in-one platform
Manage your business with intuitive tools and actionable insights you can rely on.

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