OpenTable: Built for security

Industry-leading data privacy and security for restaurants

We build restaurant solutions with privacy and security in mind

Read on to learn about OpenTable’s approach, tools, and resources that help keep restaurants and diners protected.

As good stewards of data, we have a responsibility to provide restaurants with fantastic technology that helps them store data, makes it as easy as possible for them to follow the right practices, and provides guardrails to help protect data.

Jonathan Morin, VP of restaurant product at OpenTable

Our Approach

It’s our responsibility to deliver great technology that respects the privacy and data security of restaurants and diners. We focus on the following four pillars:

  • Purpose: It starts with always having an understanding of what data is needed and how it will be used to deliver great dining experiences.
  • Transparency: We provide clarity on when, where, and why data is being collected. Policies, prompts, and guardrails are built throughout our products to ensure data is used for the right reasons.
  • Choice: Providing the best service to diners means giving them a choice on how their information is used and shared.
  • Trust: We have exceptional standards on the protection and flow of data across systems.

By using OpenTable, restaurants are able to leverage a team focused on how data should be managed and processed for the restaurant industry. That goes beyond what any individual restaurant would be able to do on their own.

Henry Praw, VP of Technology at OpenTable

Our Standards

OpenTable follows industry best practices for privacy and data security.

  • Dedicated security team – Constant evaluation of OpenTable’s infrastructure and processes, aligned with best practices and updated with proper protocols and procedures.
  • SOC 2 Type 2 compliance – Regular review and renewal to ensure that our cloud-based reservation management systems are secure. Learn more →
  • Protection – Access controls, authentication, firewalls, and vulnerability detection across systems and data centers that ensure high availability while providing state of the art physical and environmental protection.
  • Processes – Well-defined, managed methods and practices for incorporating security into all phases of our system life cycle.
  • Legal counsel – Verification that features and systems are compliant with privacy and consumer regulations.
  • Audits, testing, and reviews – Regular updates to policies and practices with fresh market intelligence, and enhancements to the security of our systems.

We aren’t just building products. We’re also educating restaurants about data privacy and security through our products and services.

Jonathan Morin, VP of restaurant product at OpenTable

Stay Secure

Security and control features are incorporated throughout our cloud-based solutions to help you protect your business and diners.

  • Two-factor authentication – Ensures the right users are logging into your accounts. Learn more →
  • Passcode protection – Verifies that no one besides your authorized staff can access your restaurant’s information such as your reservations and guestbook. Learn more →
  • Customisable access controls – To grant access to the right features. Learn more →
  • Credit card masking and vaulting – Through Stripe, you can keep credit or debit card account information secure, confidential, and PCI-compliant. Learn more →
  • Vetted third-party partners – Ensures partners practice safe computing, abide by laws and regulations, and adhere to industry best standards around data privacy and security.


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