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Get more covers and increase revenue when you access the world’s largest diner network of guests.

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Bring in higher paying guests

OpenTable seated 1.6 billion people in 2019—we’re here to help you find the right guests for your restaurant.

  • More reliable covers with lower no-show rates, as compared to phone and partner reservations*
  • 100 million verified reviews, written by guests who actually dined with you
  • Big spenders, to the tune of 24% more on average per person than walk-ins**
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Reach millions of online bookers

Reach the largest diner network with 31 million diners who book through our network each month.

  • Fill your seats with 24/7 bookability, when guests search online through your website, OpenTable, and our 600+ affiliate partners
  • Put your menu, photos, and safety precautions front and center–plus create QR codes so you can share this information safely
  • Boost yourself in search and benefit from seasonal promotions to our most engaged diners

Make diner booking as easy as pie

OpenTable reservation management platform is the simplest way to accept online reservations from the world’s #1 dining network.

  • Get notified for reservations, cancellations, and VIPs coming in with email and push alerts
  • Send automatic email and SMS confirmations to guests, so you never have to make a call again
  • Keep tabs from anywhere. Access and review your incoming guests from your phone with the owner app (available on both iOS and Android)
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Get even more than restaurant reservation management

Find the plan that suits your business.

Basic features, with the added ability to maximise your seatings, automate table statusing, and more

All Basic and Core features, plus relationship management to help create regulars and drive loyalty

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The largest, most valuable diner network
Connect to diners when you need them most, so you can maximise revenue and repeat business.

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A reliable all-in-one platform
Manage your business with intuitive tools and actionable insights you can rely on.

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At your service
Serving over 50,000 restaurants, our industry experts help you achieve success.

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