Q3 Diner Survey: travel and food are better together

Diners sharing a meal

Demand for travel has skyrocketed this year, with most restrictions ending and holidaymakers keen to discover and rediscover destinations. OpenTable conducted its Q3 Diner Survey for 2022 to see how people felt about travelling, as well as their dining habits whilst on holiday. 

Making up for lost time

After years of COVID restrictions, people were in the holiday mood this summer and beyond. More than half of those asked in the Q3 Diner Survey said they planned to travel three to four times during the upcoming year. 

Travellers are hungry for experiences 

Sun, sea and sights top the list for most holiday activities, but there’s also a desire to discover new things. Nearly a quarter of people surveyed wanted to travel so they could find new experiences, such as trying the local cuisine in different holiday destinations. 

More than half of those asked, said they planned on dining out for most meals or every single night whilst on holiday. And for some, that’s the entire point — two in ten even said their sole reason for travel was to have a special food experience. 

Dining with deposits

Guests are happy to put down deposits to reserve their spot, whether enjoying a meal locally or abroad. And they’re even more open to paying a deposit when there is something to celebrate: Of those asked, 84% said they would likely pay a deposit for a special occasion, while 82% indicated they would likely be happy to pay a deposit for a large group reservation. 

The style of dining also has an impact on the deposit policy, with 71% of diners reporting they would consider paying up to €50 to secure a fine-dining reservation. This doesn’t mean casual spots can’t embrace the concept too, as 65% of respondents would be happy to consider paying a maximum of €25 for their reservation. Simply knowing that deposits help the restaurant operate more efficiently was enough for a quarter of people surveyed to be more inclined to embrace the concept. 

Dig even deeper

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