Helping restaurants manage no-shows

Secure reservations with credit card requirements and prepayment to help reduce no shows.

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Prevent diners from making multiple reservations for the same time.

  • This is so important to us, we’ve taken it one step further and made sure that diners cannot make another reservation within 2 hours either side of their original booking time.
  • And we’ll let you into a little secret, we are the only online reservation system that does this.

‘Four strikes and you’re out’

  • We know life can get in the way, so we’ll allow a little leeway, but any diner that makes four no shows over 12 months, will have their OpenTable account deactivated.

Remind diners about upcoming reservations.

  • We use the tools we have to remind diners about their reservations such as email, text and in-app messaging.
  • If you are signed up to OpenTable’s Core plan, in the reminder email or text (if enabled) we also make sure diners can confirm their reservation, so you don’t have to.

Minimise and mitigate against no shows.

  • If something happens and a diner cannot make their reservation, we make sure they can easily change or cancel their reservation online or through the app.
  • We also make sure your open table is immediately available for rebooking.

Make diners aware of what a no-show means.

  • As soon as we’re aware of a diner no show, we’ll follow up with them 100% of the time and make them aware this adversely affects the restaurant they have stood up.